Remember, there are 50 questions worth 2 points each. You wi

Remember, there are 50 questions worth 2 points each. You will have 90 minutes to complete this exam… it will automatically submit at the end of the session.The questions are selected randomly, so you may have similar questions on similar topics (with similar answers) so answer them as correctly as possible. Make sure to check through your answers BEFORE you submit them.Unit II Test Review Congress Review Questions Know the differences between the House of Representatives and the SenateUnderstand and be able to identify the key leadership positions in CongressDevelop a working knowledge of how a bill becomes a lawLearn the basic committee structure in each house of CongressUnderstand the process of apportionment and redistrictingBe able to identify the advantages of incumbencyWhat are some of the ‘other powers’ of Congress beyond legislation?Identify or Define Gerrymandering Filibuster Logrolling Pork ImpeachmentThe Presidency Review QuestionsLearn the various roles of the presidencyUnderstand where the president and Congress must work together and when they sometimes work against each otherWhat are the expressed powers of the presidency?What is the role of the Vice President?What are the delegated powers of the president?Identify or Define Executive Order Pocket Veto Commander in Chief Cabinet Executive Office of the PresidentThe Bureaucracy Review QuestionsWhat is the size and scope of the federal bureaucracy? Be familiar with the various types of federal agencies and departments Understand how the bureaucracy interacts with the executive and legislative branches of government What role might privatization play in a bureaucracy?Who controls the bureaucracy? How?Identify or Define Merit System Iron Triangle DevolutionGovernment Corporationthe link is www.spcollege.educlick on student log instudent id: cpaint2@live.spcollege.edupasword : Dbcp0719click on my coursesgo to top and click on select a courseclick on POS2041 American National Govermentclick on course contentclick on Unit two quiz