Reflective Journal 1Day 1:Do you believe that it is genetics

Reflective Journal 1Day 1:Do you believe that it is genetics, environment or both that determine behavior? Provide specific examples and explain your response.Day 2:How does your culture contribute to the way that you interact with your social world? If you are an American then think about your subculture which could be race, geographic location, etc.?Day 3:Social media has dramatically impacted the way that we interact with and view our social world. Some researchers have argued that it has negatively impacted communication skills. Others have reported that social media has increased the need to only project your best self or keep up with others and this has contributed to a rise in depression. How do you feel social media is shaping the way that people respond to their social world? What about you — what is your relationship with social media and how has it impacted you?Day 4Today I want you to pay attention and make note of your own personal social environment. You will practice observational research as you pay close attention to the interactions of others in your various settings. What did you notice about how others interact? Make note of any profound observations. What about your perceptions of others?Day 5:Today, pay attention to how others make you feel? Were there situations today where someone made you angry, happy, sad or mad? Also try to notice how others perceive you. Do you have any situations where you feel you are treated differently than others? Do you think that people’s perception of you is accurate or inaccurate?