Reading DirectionHow do you designate the reading direction

Reading DirectionHow do you designate the reading direction of a relationship on a class diagram?150 words neededLectureThe Multiplicity Of A Relationship Between Two ClassesPlease note this lecture item is ungraded, HOWEVER please utilize the discussion forum below to ask questions about, or discuss the lecture material.When a relationship exists between classes, the multiplicity documents how many objects may or must be associated between these classes in the form of minimum and maximum numbers. In general, multiplicity reflects business rules regarding the nature of these relationships among classes.The importance of assumptions to a structural modelThe process of developing a structural model involves much learning about the increasing levels of details about a new system. In many cases, the analyst must continue to progress in developing the model, even without knowing all of the business rules. Sometimes the firm may not have encountered situations that cannot be handled informally. Assumptions are important for continuing to work when faced with uncertainty. However, the developer risks having to do a great deal of rework if the assumptions prove wrong. Therefore, the developer should check these assumptions at the earliest possible occasion with users and/or sponsors of the project.Definition of terms: object; class; method; attribute, super class; subclass, concrete class; abstract classA class is a general template that we use to create specific instances, or objects, in the application domain. There are two different general kinds of classes of interest during the analysis phase: concrete and abstract.An attribute represents a piece of information relevant to the instance/class in the domain of the particular application. Method is generally used as another name for operation. Therefore, a method is something that the object can do, a task that can be performed. The term property is not presented as far as I can tell in this chapter, but should be something of a synonym for attribute.The superclass will contain the attributes and operations shared by a number of subclasses. The subclasses inherit the characteristics of the super class and may contain further attributes and operations that belong to each of themselves alone.A concrete class is a template actually used to create objects. An abstract class may be a generalization of multiple concrete classes that is useful for indicating common features/attributes/methods for the individual concrete classes, but is not used to generate objects itself.