Read the scenario below and research to answer the requireme

Read the scenario below and research to answer the requirements in a report. 3 to 4 pages, 12 pt. fonts, APA format, 5-8 references.Part 1 Andy recalls amethod to simplify the definition of a domestic market for a product category(e.g., chocolate). He wants to use the concepts of object, objective,occurrence, outlet, and opposition, which can stand for factors responsible indrawing up the boundaries for the definition of the market of interest (Kotler,1988). Andy is meetingwith you and other marketing staff to discuss this approach for the domesticand Belgian markets. You are to use the following concepts and determine theirfactors to describe and compare the U.S. and Belgian markets.Object: The description andcharacteristics of the product category Objective: The customer’s main motivation(s)to buy the product Occurrence: The typical situation in whichthe product is used or consumed by the customer Outlet: The places where the product willbe available to the customers for purchase Opposition: The customer’s perception of thequality of the competing products You are to alsoillustrate the information by developing a matrix placing the 5 concepts in they-axis and the countries in the x-axis. Cells in the matrix should containbrief descriptions of the factors for the corresponding country. The definitionof the market should incorporate factor information from each concept. ReferenceKotler, P. (1988). Marketingmanagement: Analysis, planning and control. (6th ed.). Englewood Cliffs,NJ: Prentice Hall.Part 2Now that Andyhas defined the market, he next needs to determine the unique characteristicspossessed by his brand. At least 2 key characteristics should give Andy thedifferential advantage needed to successfully position the brand versus thecompetition. Andy’s father challenged him to estimate the brand’s potentialdemand in the Belgian market using these 2 characteristics. Andy has askedyou to develop a proposal containing a graphic showing a breakdown of theestimated demand by province and type of chocolates. Propose 2 ways to position theproduct versus the competition. Discuss other variables that youthink will affect the demand of the product in the Belgian market (e.g.,the state of the economy). Show the statistics in a tableformat, followed by the graphic. This proposal must also include anexplanation of the variables used to estimate demand beyond the keycharacteristics and their significance.