Read Ferguson Burns. Time for Justice Department to Act. o

Read ‘Ferguson Burns. Time for Justice Department to Act.’ online. Analyze and evaluate the essay. For instance, who is the intended audience?  What is the author’s purpose?  What is the thesis?  What methods does the author use?  How does the author appeal to ethos, pathos, and logos?  How convincing is the argument?  A summary is not necessary.In your analysis of the essay, you must incorporate at least two reliable outside sources. These can, among other things, be used to provide background information on the topic, to show that evidence in the essay you are analyzing is valid/invalid, or to show that important evidence has not been mentioned.  Just remember that these sources are there to support your analysis of the essay.Make sure you give very specific examples from the essay for each point you make and explain why that example supports your claim.  For example, instead of writing, “Martin Luther King appeals to pathos when he mentions race because it is an emotional subject,” write, “King appeals to pathos when he mentions how his daughter questioned him about the amusement park.  Most readers would feel a great deal of pity for this young girl who could not go to the fun place she has seen advertised and sympathy for the father who is unable to give his daughter what she wants with no logical reason why.” ***You are not writing about whether or not you agree with what the author is claiming; you are analyzing how effectively the author makes the argument.****Length: 3-4 pages, plus a works cited page, double-spaced, 12 point Times New RomanPaper must have a title