Read Case 3: The case study covers strategic management, gue

Read Case 3: The case study covers strategic management, guerrillamarketing, and pricing strategies (Chapters 8 & 10). These are thechapters assigned for week 3.Write a one to two page paper that answers the threequestions at the end of the case, paying particular attention toconsumer sensitivity to pricing, guerilla marketing that could beconsidered, and any strategic management decisions (such as productbundling) the student recommends if Shade decides to expand the TrueBody Products line for Whole Foods. Based on the analysis for thiscase, should Shade consider a nation-wide launch of the product lineand why?The paper should be written in the correct APA writing styleand cite a minimum of one scholarly resource besides the text. Othersuggested resources are credible business publications such as Forbes Magazine, Harvard Business Review, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, etc. These business publications will offer the perspectives of entrepreneurs in the field.