Question: Please upload as a Word document or PDF a concise

Question: Please upload as a Word document or PDF a concise overview (500 words) of your research interests as related to your participation in the Program(Traveling to Israel for summer studies). Include any relevant information from your background and explain how you think the Program will complement your academic/professional pursuits Guide to writing the essay; June 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 War, a seminal event that showcased Israel’s military prowess, expanded Israel’s boundaries, and led to the occupation of territories inhabited by Palestinians. The 1967 War, also known as the Six Day War, is a critical juncture in the Arab-Israeli conflict in general and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in particular. This course will explore the implications of this event by engaging a multitude of perspectives on the war, its implications, and the future of the conflict. This 3-credit program offers students the opportunity to spend significant time studying in a region that is experiencing monumental social and political change. Jerusalem, as a religious and political center, serves as the base from which the students will gain a well-rounded understanding of the many issues facing Israel. The seminar is designed to provide students with insight into Israel as a sovereign and international actor, and to the underlying dynamics of the country’s unique political system, diversified culture, and myriad political, social, economic, and environmental issues. Participants learn first-hand about ongoing efforts to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israel’s security concerns, Arab-Israeli peacemaking, the special relationship between Israel and the United States, and the challenges brought forward by the desert ecology of the region. Through a combination of site visits and direct interaction with both governmental and non-governmental stakeholders (including academics, think tank scholars, and activists in NGOs), students will gain a deeper understanding of the complex issues and key debates facing Israeli society.