QUESTION 1Sociocultural influence on consume behaviour inclu

QUESTION 1Sociocultural influence on consume behaviour includes personal influence, reference group,family, culture and sub culture. Which of those, in your opinion, would be the strongestinfluence when buying the following?a. Smartphoneb. Socksc. Insuranced. Club membership QUESTION 2Critique Maslow’s hierarchy of needs concept. Can you identify examples in your own life,the lives of your friends or through media reports where individuals appear to have chosen tosatisfy a higher order need before lower order needs have been met? QUESTION 3Recall four purchases you have made in the past month. Try to choose different types ofproduct (e.g. having a haircut, buying petrol or some clothes, subscribing to a magazine).Add to your list the biggest purchase you have ever made. Discuss to what extent thedecisions were deliberate, habitual or on impulse? Based on the response of other studentsin the class, see if you can make any generalization or identify any pattern? QUESTION 4What are the three types of reference groups? For each, provide two examples of groupsrelevant to you.please  i need answr for this question  asap