Question 1 Mostindustrial network protocols forego any featu

Question 1 Mostindustrial network protocols forego any feature or function that is notabsolutely necessary for the sake of efficiency, includingauthentication and encryption, both of which requitre additionaloverhead.TrueFalse 5 points Question 2 Modbus, the oldest and perhaps most widely deployed ICS protocol uses the following commands (choose all that apply): 1.Control an I/O interface 2.Read from an I/O interface 3.Write to an I/O interface 4.Read the value of a register 5.Write a value to a register 5 points Question 3 Choose security concerns related to the Modbus protocol: 1.Programmability 2.Lack of encryption 3.Explicitly defined trust relationships 4.Lack of authentication 5.Lack of broadcast supression 5 points Question 4 The ICCP/TASE.2 protocol was designed for this kind of communication: 1.serial command requests 2.communication between control system devices WAN communications 4.communication between a master control station and an RTU 5 points Question 5 Use of business network protocols to transport fieldbus protocols improves security within Industrial Control Systems. True False 5 points Question 6 PLease match up the following protocols with their characteristics:DNP3OLE for Process control Ethernet/IP Profibus SERCOS IIIA.Unsolicited responses allow remote alarm generationB.Primarily a SCADA protocolC.Fieldbus specialized for digital motion controlD.Supports UDP and Multicast trafficE.Stuxnet exploited this protocol 5 points Question 7 Choose common characteristics of Industrial Network Protocols (choose all that apply): 1.Real-time communications 2.Originally designed to operate over Ethernet networks 3.Designed to communicate serially over RS-232, RS-485, etc. 4.Each provides different methods of verifying data integrity and/or security 5 points Question 8 Choose the following systems used within a typical smart grid infrastructure (choose all that apply): 1.Firewall systems 2.Distribution Systems 3.Bulk generation systems 4.Filtering systems 5.Billing systems 5 points Question 9 Thesmart grid represents an easily accessible network that contains manyvectors to many possible targets and therefore is a security concern. True False 5 points Question 10 In3-4 sentences discuss the most common charicteristics of IndustrialControl System networks and whether they are more or less secure thanbusiness networks.Arial3 (12pt)ParagraphFont familyFont sizePath: pWords:0