Quantitative methods homework.

6 PAGES HOMEWORK.ÿPlease divide the work by steps, with each step having the contents shown below.ÿStep 1.ÿThere two main types of research methodology based on qualitative and quantitative research. Start doing a research on this topic, determine the differences, and look for examples and applications.ÿStep 2.ÿInclude in your project two types of research both quantitative and qualitative and explain how these two types of research methods are differentStep 3.ÿAfter having completed all previous steps in this project. ÿPlease proceed with the delivery of your draftStep 4.Once have done a thorough research on how QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE methods differ. Write your conclusions explaining which methods would you apply in business or institution. Explain in which case would be better to use Quantitative or Qualitative methods. Back up your explanations with reasons and data. (At least 5 pages)