ProjectGoal:To create a public relations campaign to help pe

ProjectGoal:To create a public relations campaign to help people better understand the importance of biological interactions. Role:You are a researcher in the field of biological interactions. It is your job to learn as much as you can about the living world and how it interacts with the abiotic factors of the earth.Audience:You will be giving a presentation to a group of environmental science students at a local high school as part of the professionals teaching series the high school sponsors.Situation:You must choose either forest biomes, desert biomes, or grassland biomes and describe the different types of biomes that exist in the general category to the class. Product or Performance: You will make a PowerPoint presentation to help deliver the information. The presentation must also include pictures to help illustrate what you are describing. Standards for Success:Your final product should include all of the following:Environmental characteristics of the biomesAnimal and plant life found in the biomesLocations in the world where the biomes can be foundAny challenges faced by this biome in the modern worldHow humans can interfere with the biomes