Professor comments: ‘As I mentioned at the beginning of the

Professor comments: ‘As I mentioned at the beginning of the course I will not read or give feedback if you do not write the additional paragraphs in RED. Please read all before submitting, delete anything related to proposal, You are developing your project. Organize everything in a logic order’ He did not reviewed our work as he wants our changes to be mentioned in RED. (remember and see previous conversations in this chain- you are not going to add anything now, as you already made changes as per his comments and worked on requirement- just highlight those line or paragraphs in red which you worked) HOPE you understand. To be on safe side, here are the attachments of your work and another with professor’s comments and below are the requirements you already worked on: Please, please , please, focus….. (I said you i will pay additional for this GRAD course) Professor comments: I do not see how you are assessing the health literacy. You must be very clear because that is the core of your work. What dat/references you use to say something about the level of literacy? I do not se how you got results if there is no explanation of what you have done