POWERPOINT ASSIGNMENT You are making a presentation to a group of concerned citizens, including the media. Your objective is to sway the audience into seeing the issue from a different perspective (that of the police).

You will use a PowerPoint presentation to discuss a current issue in policing to the attendees.Content Requirements:Chooseÿoneÿof the following topics:Is police corruption a serious problem in America? (Is more accountability needed?)Community Policing–Does it really work or is it a “feel good” program?(Why do many minorities say they do not trust the police? What can be done about it?)Officer Involved Shootings: Public Perception vs. RealityGun Legislation & Law Enforcement (Will increasing gun control be better or worse for police? Will it make our citizens safer? Will it reduce violent crime?)Use of Force–Is it excessive or is it being used to keep officers out of harms way? (De-escalation, minimizing; public perception)Are body cameras an invasion of privacy or necessary to hold officers more accountable?Is profiling justified or is it being used illegally to target certain groups?Why can’t the police stop the violence in Miami? (Drive-by shootings; increase in violent crime; gang violence)Can the police agencies investigate themselves or should outside agencies (state or federal) and/or civilian review boards be instituted?Should the grand jury system be used for officers accused of a crime or should it be eliminated? (What would replace it?)Police morale–Who cares? (Why does it matter?)Include the following:Briefly describe the nature of the problem/issue. (Carefully analyze the problem: myths vs. facts; pros vs. cons.)Discuss the history of the issue.Describe the extent of the problem/issue (is it an actual problem or a perception).Use at least two actual examples/cases to illustrate your position.What are the best practices in this area?What is the recommended solution?ÿDo not base your position on personal opinion.Use research and statistics to support your position.The audience members should leave your presentation feeling more informed.PowerPoint Requirements:Length: 10 to 15 slides (excluding the cover slide and the reference slide).Design:ÿBe sure not to overcrowd your slides with information.Be thorough, but also be concise.Use bullet points to highlight main points.If you use graphics, be sure to condense them, so your presentation is not too large.Mechanics: PowerPoint does not require that you write full sentences or paragraphs; in fact, this will detract from your presentation.ÿ However, your ideas must flow logically and your points should be presented in a consistent format. Check your spelling and use standard American English.You should consult at least three (3) SCHOLARLY sources in preparing your presentation. Your last slide should be a References slide following APA format.