Please respond to the following with 100 words :These develo

Please respond to the following with 100 words :These developments have influenced my life and career. Cognitive development has helped me learn more about myself and things I enjoy learning and pursue that into a career it allows me to make goals for myself and have self-discipline in order to achieve those goals. For example, I enjoy going to the gym and just exercising in general. The love of exercising has made me want to major in exercise science with a minor in pre physical therapy. Affective development allows me to have a healthy balance in my life between myself, relationships, and school. This is really important because it’s easy to focus too much on one thing and get caught up in it. It allows me to appreciate the life I have and everything in it. Psycho motor development is the biggest influence on my life. I have fallen in love with exercising and the effects of it. It has made a happier person in general I love the endorphins after completing the workout. I would love to help people have the same experience as I do.