Please read the instructions bellow. I need a 250+ response.

Please read the instructions bellow. I need a 250+ response. Please also include references. Grading will be based on content, structure, organization, grammar and spelling. Please do not plagarize!Key Points: Should discuss what is witnessed versuswhat actually happens or what precedes. May use Rodney King (ChristopherCommission) as an example. Objective: Describe legal standards associated withthe use of deadly force by law enforcement officers, explain thepatterns of deadly force, and describe the problem of suicide by cop.When to use force is the issue both in terms of when to apply andwhen there is no longer authority to use force. The right to use forcein order to gain compliance is not a question. There is a question,however, as to when force is necessary at all. The point about theofficer ‘getting caught up in the moment’ is the problem that must beovercome. It is expected that officers are sufficiently trained toaddress each situation in an objective and professional manner. Whatdistinguishes the average citizen from police officers is that thelatter is trained in use of force while the former are not. The mediadepictions of force may or may not be accurate or reflect the factsconcerning the circumstances surrounding its application. Some haveargued that the use of excessive force issue may not be a systemic orinstitutional issue. The issue of any level of force often becomes aproduct of the manner in which it is portrayed by the media. This is notto suggest that there are not some bad actors but they are notrepresentative of the profession as the media would like to do. Yourresponse to this question should focus on the use of force by police.Question:How does the media and use of video technology impact the public’s perception of police use of force?