PLEASE READ THE ATTACHMENT FOR INSTRUCTIONS. NO PLAGIARISM. THE PAPER MUST BE MORE THAN 1000 WORDS. Now that Donald Trump is the president and has been in office over 100 days, tell me yourthoughts about Trump the man, the president, the country under this president, and the effectthis president’s policies you believe will have on the people of the State of Texas. Tell me a bitabout your background with regard to politics and government. Also discuss what the future willbe like for you because of Donald Trump’s presidency. Discuss what he will do about subjectsthat Trump campaigned on that directly affect many Texans: immigration policy, sanctuary cities,his proposed border wall with Mexico, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivalswar. (I have provided you with a list of newspaper and magazine articles about these subjects if youwish to use any of them in discussing these important Texas topics.) Additional, if you wish, you canaddress your thoughts on Mr. Trump and more general issues such as terrorism, the economy, hisrelationship with Vladimir Putin and allegations of Russian influence in his administration, studentloans, jobs, health care, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, civil rights, crime, abortion, birthcontrol, Iran, North Korea, nuclear weapons, and anything else that has grabbed your attention.(Obviously, you cannot address all of those issues but I place them there to aid you in yourreflection about issues. You should, however, definitely address he particular topics relating toTexas.)