Please provide feedback to the following paragraph Please re

Please provide feedback to the following paragraph Please respond with 150 words :The first career choice that appeals to me is a Dietitian/ Nutritionist. The reason for choosing this career is that I, myself would be interested in learning more about nutritional foods so that I am able to enhance my own physical fitness, optimizing nerve- muscle reflexes, and maintaining a healthy and well balanced weight. Not only do I want to educate myself with that information, but be able to pass it on to others whether they are athletes or your everyday person. This career also appeals to me because I am interested in the medical field as well. The second career that would interest me would to work in the field of dance. I would either be a dance instructor at a dance studio or and dance photographer. I enjoy doing both dancing and photography so to combine both or work at one or the other would an amazing experience and I would be able to learn more by the photographs that I would be taking and maybe teach others about what I photographed.