Please provide feedback regarding the following. Please resp

Please provide feedback regarding the following. Please respond with 200 words, 12 font times roman.People use compare and contrasting on a daily basic, they might not know right away but, if they think about it they can count out at least five things a day. I know I use it all the time from when it comes to picking out what to wear in the morning or deciding on what to eat. When it comes to work I always try to find the best way i could go about doing my job. I compare the soda idles that I have to fill with. I look at all the sodas I need to shock the shelves with. Also I contrast with the ones that I need a lot of. There is another way I use compare and contrast and, many people do as well like choosing wheather or not there is a better place to work. Something I think about is is if there a higher paying job out there. One thats going to work me full time or part time. Those are some of the things I contrast. There are so many things I would look at if I were to leave a job for another. I would see the time from my house to both jobs. Also I would see if it was inside or outside and if it was worth it.