PLEASE NOTE: You will need to read the Southwood School: A C

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to read the Southwood School: A Case Study in Recruitment and Selection before you respond to any of the HR Case Evaluation assignments. HR Case Evaluation #1 Use the table provided or create one of your own using the program of your choice—MS Word, MS Excel, etc.—to define each selection method. Explain the nature of the method and its importance. Then list all the advantages and disadvantages for each selection method. Use as many references as necessary (minimum of 4) to support your explanations and the advantages and disadvantages. Definition Advantages Disadvantages Application form A paper that Psychometric tests Résumé or curriculum vitae review Formal (structured) interview Informal interview Teaching observation Presentation by candidates to a panel of teachers Online testing References In a separate short report (2-3 pages), recommend the most appropriate selection method or combination of selection methods for this case study, explaining your rationale. Present at least 3 scholarly sources to support your rationale using APA format. Cover Page with Name, Date, and Title of AssignmentUse headings to separate the sections of the reportPage numbersDouble-spacingTimes New Roman, size 12In-text citations to sources in APA styleReference page using APA styleReferences not older than 3 years old