Please include a minimum of two sources as well. Child Welfa

Please include a minimum of two sources as well. Child Welfare Services has conducted an investigation into allegations that Anne may the victim of child abuse and the results of the investigation were as follows:AllegationFindingPerpetratorPhysical AbuseIndicatedBiological FatherRisk of HarmIndicatedBiological Father, Biological MotherSubstance AbuseIndicatedBiological MotherAs a result of these findings, Anne was removed from the care of her parents and placed in a traditional foster home. The foster home is in the same community where Anne’s parents reside, so Anne can still attend the same school. You are the recently-assigned social worker for Anne and want to offer her services to deal with behaviors noted by her teacher such as her withdrawn demeanor, bruises and her torn and dirty wardrobe.As the assigned caseworker you are responsible for drafting the initial case plan that outlines the necessary services for Anne and her parents.Draft a 2-3 page ‘case plan’ that includes the following:What behaviors has Anne exhibited that would require service intervention?Which services would you recommend to address those behaviors?What services would you offer the parents based on the findings of the investigation?Does the current placement in a foster home appear to be the appropriate type of placement for Anne based on the allegations and her needs? Why or why not?