Please have Turnitin score UNDER 20%Choose one of four plays

Please have Turnitin score UNDER 20%Choose one of four plays to become experts on throughout the remainder of the course: Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice, Titus Andronicus, or Much Ado About Nothing.Using MLA format, compile an annotated bibliography of important or interesting critical works related to the selected play. This bibliography will form the basis for your lists of works cited for the Play Expert Paper, which is due by the end of Module 8.The bibliography can include both print and electronic sources, but needs at least five books or articles..IMPORTANT NOTE: General encyclopedias (like the online Encyclopedia Britannica or Wikipedia) and ‘general notes’ websites (e.g., Cliff’s Notes) should never be used as direct sources for academic papers. They may be useful tools for an orientation to a topic, but usually contain common knowledge or sometimes questionable information. They can, however, direct you to more specific sources.An annotated bibliography includes the properly formatted entry for the work, followed by a one-paragraph description of its contents. The paragraph should stress the source’s specific relevance to the play that the student has chosen to become an expert on, as well as provide a succinct explanation of the author’s argument and its importance to the study of Shakespeare.