please follow the instructor :Character Analysis Essay: A Ga

please follow the instructor :Character Analysis Essay: A Gathering of Old Men by Ernest J. GainesDirections: Read the essay prompt below. Write a well-developed, unified, and coherent character analysis essay on the topic. Use at least one direct quotation and one paraphrase from the selection to support your position. Parenthetical in-text citations must be used within your essay, and a Works Cited page must accompany your essay. Indent all paragraphs, include a three-point thesis statement, and skip every other line so that your essay is double spaced!!!!Essay Prompt: As a main character in Ernest Gaines’s A Gathering of Old Men, Candy’s role is central to the plot of the story. Candy is responsible for rounding up all the elderly black men in the Louisiana parish where Mathu, a black man who helped raise her, is believed to have killed a Cajun man. Candy is not the kind of young lady to “stay in her place” at all; she defies many of the expectations of women, such as getting married. Is Candy a likeable character? Provide three reasons for your answer. Your thesis statement must include three reasons for your answer; use evidence from the book to support your position.