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Please do this assignment as a power point with notes instead of the narrations! Thank You! Also be sure to include a photo per a page and Please use photos that are realistic and human like thanks!PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU DO NOT NEED TO PUT ANY INFORMATION ON THE SLIDES EXCEPT FOR THE TITLE ANY INFORMATION NEEDS TO GO TO NOTES OF THE PAGE.create a multi-media slide show about one of the topics we have covered this quarter. Choose a topic you are interested in, and you will enjoy the project more. Here are some suggested topics:Recent Supreme Court casesFirst AmendmentRights of the AccusedCivil Rights (general, or focus on a specific group you are interested in- an ethnic group, women, etc.)ImmigrationGun ControlHomeland SecuritySocialism vs. CapitalismEconomic SystemsIf there is a topic that is not on the list, but that fits in with what we have studied this quarter, write me a message about it, and I can approve it. Content20 -30 pictures, appropriate music from resources folder, narration that is clear, articulate, accurate and based on research but written in the student’s own words, title slide that is professional and clear, and a credit slide listing resources used. All work is done at a highly professional level and is consistent. AudioThe audio is clear and includes music in the background that is at appropriate levels to allow narration to be heard easily. Narration is clear, with smooth delivery. The music does not distract from the presentation, but complements it. PicturesThe slideshow contains 20-30 pictures. All pictures are clear and appropriate to the topic discussed, contributing to the viewer’s understanding of the topic. (This means, for example, that air pollution slideshows contain pictures that are clearly related to air pollution.) Pictures, graphs, etc… are not pixilated, but are correct size to display correctly. Technical/overallThe story contains clear title slide and credit slide listing all resources used.