Personal ExperienceThink of a deviant behavior that you have

Personal ExperienceThink of a deviant behavior that you have witnessed or experienced. Write a paragraph describing the deviant behavior. Address such things as who was demonstrating the deviant behavior, what the situation was, where it occurred, and how you responded to it.The Social Control of DevianceAddress each of the following prompts in two or three paragraphs each. Make sure to respond with detail that fully answers each question posed.Which theoretical perspective best explains the deviance that you witnessed or experienced? Why is that perspective better than the other two in explaining the deviance? How do the concepts of in-groups, out-groups, and reference groups affect this deviant behavior and the issue of deviance in general?In your opinion, how effective is the formal social control system in the United States? Give your reasons for this opinion. Is the informal system more or less effective than the formal system and why?Summary: Write a paragraph or two describing how you feel about the deviant behavior you witnessed. Explain whether or not you feel that form of deviance is dangerous and whether society is addressing it in a humane and/or effective way.