Part I Research Assignment: Conduct Internet/WWW research to

Part I Research Assignment: Conduct Internet/WWW research to locate one significant historical event or watershed moment in Industrial or Economic Espionage. You should specifically explain why you choose your event or turning point. Notes: Ronald Mendell’s ‘Chronology’ on pages 231 and 233 provides an excellent research starting point as well as Internet search terms. The below NCIX links also provides an extensive counterintelligence and espionage by Americans history:…Note: .pdf document is attached in the event the URL doesn’t open.Notes: Cite working links for your event or turning point. Do ‘not’ repeat an event or turning point.Part II Research Assignment: Conduct ‘non’-textbook Internet/WWW research to determine definitions/information on ‘one’ of the below terms. Clearly identify your selected term and state the definition/information. Then ‘concisely differentiate’ why your espionage or intelligence term is different from the other types of espionage or intelligence. If you choose a non-espionage/intelligence term, you should first define and then give examples. Industrial Espionage Economic Espionage Military Espionage Corporate Espionage Netspionage Competitive Intelligence Business Intelligence Technical Intelligence Theft of Trade Secrets Internal Sources External Sources Elicitation Techniques Counterintelligence Methods Notes: Do ‘not’ repeat a term. If there are more students than terms (and all terms have been previously reported), you may duplicate a reported term from a different perspective and/or illustrate it using a different example.Note: Cite working links for your selected case and sources.Part III Select ‘one’ salient point from Chapters 1 or 2 of the Nasheri text to relate to the class. Succinctly state the point and thoroughly explain why you thought your chosen point was important. Note: Do ‘not’ repeat a question/exercise until all have been chosen. Special Note: Unless you have significant new information, sources or an opinion, do not ‘intentionally’ repeat a classmate’s choices for any of the above questions. See my ‘Unintentional Assignment Duplication’ note below. espionageAgainstUSbyCitizens.pdf