Part 1Consider the situations outline below in terms of ethi

Part 1Consider the situations outline below in terms of ethics. Evaluate the ethics of each case by answering the appropriate questions:Consider a scenario in which Morgan has developed a software tool and given it free of charge to Shelly for review. The tool is fully functional, and Shelly sells it to other people for money. What are the ethical issues involved in this scenario, and how should Morgan react to this situation?Your co-worker is issued a new accounting software package from your office library. Before installing it on her computer, she uses the CD writer to make a copy for backup purposes. She installed the software on her system at work, and then took the CD to install the software on her personal computer. Did she break any copyright law? Is it legal for her to use the copy on her personal computer? Why or why not?Part 2Do you know people who download “free” music from the Internet, “borrow” software from others to load on their machine, or copy movies?Develop a one-page poster in Word or PowerPoint for a public service campaign to educate people about intellectual property rights of cyberspace for some aspect in your readings from this week. Include at least 3 valid points in your poster.