ONLY 250 WORDS, NO PLAGIARISMWhen collecting data, it is imp

ONLY 250 WORDS, NO PLAGIARISMWhen collecting data, it is important to be aware of the types of data being collected for further analysis: Give 3 examples of qualitative data and 3 examples of quantitative data that would be found when researching any of the following criminal justice topics: CorrectionsJuvenile justiceVictimology Wording surveys, polls, and questionnaires can be tricky to ensure that the individual responding understands the questions presented. For example, asking an individual whether he or she owns a car could lead to various results depending on whether owning a car means paying the loan on the car versus the entire car being paid off. Also, does this imply owning trucks as well? Give an example of a question that might be found on a survey, poll, or questionnaire that could lead to incorrect or confusing results.Graphs are very useful in visualizing data. Give an example of a type of data that would be appropriate for each of the following: pie chartsbar chartsline charts