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Curious Case: So far, the first six chapters have been very informative to me. I know a lot of

what the book is discussing, however I did not know the exact name for it. For

example, when giving an example of a misplaced modifier and a better way to

write the sentence, I knew the first example was a little off, but I did not

know that this was called a misplaced modifier. The most familiar part to me

was chapter six which discussed run on sentences. I am well aware of these and

how to fix them. When I was in middle school I used to have entire essays

filled with run on sentences. The most informative chapter was chapter two

which discussed nominalizations. I had no clue what this was and after reading

the chapter I now have a decent understanding of what nominalizations are, how

to recognize them, and how to fix them.

Fairy Tale: Once upon a time, Tammy Meyers took her daughter out for a driving lesson. As they

are driving down the road, a driver in a silver van recklessly speeds past

them, alarming Tammy’s daughter causing her to honk her horn at the speeding

van. In the blink of an eye, the van cuts off Tammy and her daughter and slams

on the breaks, running out of the car shouting threats at Tammy, “I will kill

both of you!” screams the man. Worried, Tammy quickly drives home to drop off

her daughter and picks up her son, who enters the car with an armed hand gun.

Bringing the gun for protection, Tammy drives the car away from their home so

the angry driver cannot find where they live. After driving in circles for a

while, Tammy and her son return home only to find the insane angry driver parked

outside of their home! Tammy screams for her son to take cover, and just as he

does, the deranged man shoots at tammy.

Two days later, Tammy’s husband and two children are huddled

closely around their beloved wife and mother in an intensive care unit. Two

surgeries later, Tammy is fighting for her life, barely holding on. Teary eyed,

her family holds Tammy tight as she takes her last breath, unable to fight any


Days later, the man who fatally shot Tammy is arrested and

taken down to the police station for questioning. He is put in a gloomy, cement

interrogation room to wait for the lead detective to question him. The single

florescent light in the room begins to flicker rapidly. As the murderer looks

up, he sees a dark figure standing behind the flickering light. As his eyes

come into focus, he makes out the figure to be a woman. Tammy is standing

there, glaring at her killer. Confused, the man begins to stutter, shaking in

fear, “wh wh what is th this?? Wh whoo are yyou??” Tammy, with a cynical grin,

responds “Oh I think you know exactly who I am.”

Moments later, police enter the interrogation room to find

it empty, with not a single trace of the killer. A thorough search is conducted

of the station and the nearby town. The man was never to be seen again. The


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