One of the readings, John Hagel’s ‘Pursuing Passion,’ specif

One of the readings, John Hagel’s ‘Pursuing Passion,’ specifically addresses the issue of passion as an integral element of a fulfilling professional life. What did you think when you first read the title of this article? Did you ever consider passion to be an essential part of professionalism? You also watched a media segment in which five early childhood professionals shared their passion, motivation, and wisdom. In their own unique voices, they shared why they entered the field and explained why, despite challenges, they remain committed. What are your thoughts now about the ways in which passion relates to professionalism? In what ways do the specific personal experiences and professional passion of each professional form the basis of their individual wisdom and drive their professional growth?For this Application assignment, summarize your thinking with regard to the following questions:What passion, motivation, and wisdom do you bring to your studies and to the early childhood field? In what ways did the professionals in the media segment inspire, affirm, and/or enhance, your passion, motivation, and wisdom? In what ways do your professional goals reflect your passion for early childhood, your motivation, and your wisdom; and in what ways might you refine these goals in light of your current thinking? Assignment length: approximately 1-2 pages