One of the most effective ways we can understand what it is

One of the most effective ways we can understand what it is we know, what we have learned, and what we still need to know is through reflective writing. While reflective writing is not, by definition, technical writing, this weekly exercise should help you to better assess your progress through the course and course concepts.In addition to your participation in the discussions, your weekly writing, your reading, and other course requirements, you will be tasked with writing a short journal entry each week.This Week’s Journal TopicWhile technical writing can differ greatly from academic writing, these styles share many of the same elements, specifically grammar, words usage, mechanics, and form.For this week’s journal entry, take some time to reflect on your previous writing experiences. Do you consider yourself to be a struggling writer, and average writer, a good writer, an excellent writer? What is your attitude toward writing? What three things would you like to improve about your writing? How might you go about making those improvements? How might this class help you in moving closer to your writing goals?You may want to review Appendix A from our textbook for help with grammar and punctuation (pp. A-1 through A-18 in the back of the textbook).Your response should be narrative in style, be honest, and it should be from 150 – 250 words in length.