Needed Info- questions after this paragraph Ellen teaches th

Needed Info- questions after this paragraph Ellen teaches the pull out gifted science program for intermediate grades in a moderatelysized school district. Her program goal is to provide quality instructional experiences forexceptional science students. Targeted student outcomes for her program include notonly achievement as measured by both classroom based and standardized tests, but alsostudent interest in and motivation for science.Two contributing factors have made Ellen question one of her instructional units, the fetalpig dissection project. First, while the district supports her program, her budget has come under scrutiny. The fetal pig dissection is one of her more expensive units. Second, whilesome of the students cite this unit as their favorite, other students and their families havequestioned the necessity of the dissection on moral grounds. She questions whetheralternative instruction for the unit might be possible. Ellen decides to conduct a study toinvestigate this issue. Write an area of focus statement.Define the variables.Develop the research questions.Describe the intervention or innovation.Describe the membership of the action research group.Describe negotiations that need to be undertaken.Develop a timeline.Develop a statement of resources.Develop data collection ideas.