Need to answers this question, just need small paragraphs an

Need to answers this question, just need small paragraphs and the main point of these questions, please? 1. How did the Zhou Dynasty establish control in East Asia and what role did the ‘mandate of heaven’ play in the maintenance of power? 2. How did urbanization influence the Vedic belief system of South Asia in the first millennium BCE? In what ways, and to whom, would Vedic beliefs as compared with Jainism and the ideas of Buddha have been appealing, especially considering the heirarchies (varnas and jatis) of South Asian society and urban versus rural contexts?3. What forces shaped Mediterranean developments in the first millennium BCE, and how did innovative Greek philosophers address some of those forces?4. In what ways did Alexander’s conquests, his successors, and Hellenism have an impact on Afro-Eurasia? In particular, how did koine Greek, cosmopolitan identity, new ways of thinking, and slavery shape the Hellenistic world?5. To what extent were the Silk Roads a new development in this period 350 BCE-100 CE? What role did caravan cities and, later, the Kushans play in the development of these exchange routes?6. What are the characteristics of a globalizing empire and how do the Han dynasty and Roman Empire fit that model?7. What political features were central to the Roman res publica and in what ways did Agustus incorporate and challenge those in his formation of a model empire?