Need help writing a blog

you will write a 1 ? 1 and « page double spaced informal and personal blog post on an issue that is in some way relevant to your field of study and that you have personal experience with.ÿ Like an essay, a blog post establishes and develops a clear point about a topic or issue. Depending on the topic, audience, and purpose, a blog can be formal or informal. A blog written by an individual, for example, tends to be about his or her experience with the topic and is written in first person.Imagine for this assignment that you have created your own blog site and that you are writing a post for your blog site. This specific blog post should establish a clear main point about your chosen topic, use your personal experience to develop that main point, and establish a connection with your audience through showing them how your experience might be of value in helping them in some way.Assignment meets the following requirements:Focuses on one specific point about the issue being written aboutUses personal experience to develop ideas, avoid researchConnects with the audience and establishes relevance of the topic to themDemonstrates substantial revision of the Unit 4 DB post draftUses appropriate informal language, depending upon topic, audience and purposeIs organized into 3-5 well developed paragraphs, 1 to 1 and « double spaced pagesUtilizes transition devices to connect ideasApplies Standard American English and avoids distracting grammar and punctuation errorsDemonstrates 6th Edition APA formatting, including title pageCites any and all use of source information (quotes, ideas, paraphrases) both in the References page and in-text where the source is usedI have a rough draft of the blog, just need help with formating and maybe adding more fact or personnal experiance.ÿ I am a grandmother of a grandson who has down syndrome,ÿ we found out about the down syndrome late in my daughters pregnancy, so the only options she had where keeping the baby or adoption.ÿ Of course adoption was not an issue.ÿ My Grandson so far has not had any medical difficulties since birth, he came early, and he had a problem regulating his oxygen levels, but he is fine now.ÿ He is 15 months old and does not crawl, has no interest in standing and does not say words.ÿ He has three teeth and full of energy.ÿ So far no one is worried about his progress.ÿ He has PT/OT and speech therapy once a week.Here is my rough draft:Parents and family members of children with Down Syndrome,I am writing today to discuss a book I read called “Babies with Down Syndrome A New Parents’ Guide.” Edited by Karen Stray-Gundersen, Woodbine House, September 1995.ÿ I do know a little something about having a child in your life with Down Syndrome, My grandson Noah.ÿ I am writing about this book because it has some interesting facts, some great statements made from parents and other family members and some wonderful tips which will inspire all of us that read it.For most of us with a family member with Down Syndrome we want to find the “up” side to it, we want to know what to expect, why it happened and how to deal with the difficulties to come.ÿ I am hoping that through this blog I can provide some of these answers, answer some of your questions and provide some helpful tips that I have learned from working in the field with physically and mentally challenged population and from my own experiences with my grandson Noah.ÿ I now that from my own personal experience that people with Down Syndrome can and will develop into really “up” persons, especially if the people around them stay on the “up” side of Down Syndrome.ÿÿ Too stay on the “up” side of Down syndrome means lots of love; patience; kindness; encouragement; allowing your family member to be self sufficient; to allow your family member to experience life; do not treat them differently and to allow them to fail.What is Down Syndrome?ÿ What causes it? Why does my child have it? what can I expect of my child and for my child?ÿ These are just a few of the many questions that you may have.ÿ I am hoping that I can help answer some of these.ÿ So What is Down Syndrome?ÿ Down syndrome means your child has one extra chromosome.ÿ It can happen to anyone.ÿ According to Dr. Chahira Kozma, MD an assistant Professor of Pediatrics and a clinical Geneticist at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington DC there are “Two things about Down syndrome that are clear, First, parents do not cause Down Syndrome; nothing you did or did not do before or during pregnancy caused your baby to have Down Syndrome.ÿ Second, like “normal” children, each baby with Down Syndrome is unique with his/her own personality, talents and thoughts.”As a parent and/or family member you should learn as much as you can about Down Syndrome.ÿ Ask questions, read books about Down Syndrome, mental retardation and children with disabilities.ÿ The more you know the better you will be to help your family members.ÿ When dealing with a child who has Down Syndrome we must all remember that this child is just a child, like any other child.ÿ There will be challenges, excitement and satisfaction for both you and your child.TiffanyReferencesStray-Gundersen, K (September 1995) “Babies with Down Syndrome A New Patents’ Guide.”Kozma, C (September 1995 Second Edition, Pg. 1) “Babies with Down Syndrome A New Parents’ Guide.”Forts, A (1995) Editor in Chief, “Down Syndrome Headline News.”Revision PlanI feel I need to move my paragraphs around.ÿ I think I may like the second paragraph as my first paragraph.ÿ I believe this would make the blog read smoother.My second paragraph explains my purpose better.I also need to check to make sure I am citing correctly, as this is still a bit confusing to me.I need to add more of a personal touch and experiences into my blogTiffany