&nbspThe report is a description of the new understanding you h

 The report is a description of the new understanding you have developed as a result of your studying the principles, theories, and concepts you identified in your change goals statement. Thus, the idea is to identify ways you want to change your understandings and then, in this report, to identify how you have changed your understanding. Of course, you will find many new ideas that will result in you changing your beliefs about human learning, so these will not be the only ways your understanding have changed. Also, your change strategies report should indicate the strategies you propose to try to meet the problems and challenges you identified in your reflective change goals. In your report you should connect the change strategies with the problem or challenge and present the evidence or theoretical basis for the strategies you have chosen. Your change strategies report should be no longer than three pages. These reports are intended to simulate you to consider your understanding and practice and seek to enhance and expand both. Articulate and clear in your writing commensurate with graduate level work.Be sure to use page numbers and on every page. The change goals paper i will send it to you.  Textbook: Merriam, S, Cafferella, R, & Baumgartner, L. (third ed.). Learning in adulthood: A comprehensive guide. Jossey-Bass: San Francisco, CA.