&nbspI need to write an objective summary on Amy Tans Mother

 I need to write an objective summary on Amy Tan’s ‘Mother Tongue’link: http://www.olypen.com/pnkdurr/as/mother_text.htmI have to write it by 4:00pm on Thursday, May 30th.My professor’s instructions are these:Writing the Summary: Identify the author and title in your first sentence– expressing the main points and most important support ideas IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Be sure to maintain the balance of the article– if 1/3 of the article emphasizes one idea, do not make that one idea the entire subject of your summary. You must include the other main ideas in the remaining 2/3’s of the reading. A first sentence might use verbs such as: ‘the author/article (states, says, explains, argues, suggests, recommends, warns, believes, observes, claims, emphasizes) that’ + clause. Please remember that most summaries are written in the present tense.Summary Guidelines: Usually 1/3 of the length of the original. Begins with the author and the title. Follows the ideas as the ideas are presented or groups them appropriately. Omits examples and illustrations, focusing on key points and ideas. Never evaluates the content. Never gives an opinion. Never adds ideas. Never includes personal comments. Always gives source credit at the conclusion of your summary.