Name: __________________________  Sample Invoice Data

  Name: __________________________  Sample Invoice Data Source:                                 INVOICE  HILLTOP ANIMAL HOSPITAL                                  DATE: JAN 13/2002INVOICE # 987 MR. RICHARD COOKIES                            123 THIS STREETGLENDALE, CA                            91202                                         PET                   PROCEDURE                               AMOUNT             ROVER               RABIES VACCINATION                  30.00MORRIS             RABIES VACCINATION                  24.00                          TOTAL                                       54.00                        TAX (8%)                                   4.32                         AMOUNT OWING                         58.32       List the relational notation for each normal form (e.g. Invoice (abc, def, ghi):Some find it easier to first draw out a conceptual model with entities and relationships before starting on the relational notation, but this is up to you.  1NF:     2NF:      3NF: Part II Using your completed part 1 document as input, create a new logical ERD using Visio 2013 (Crow’s Foot Database Notation template). I want to see you map your 3NF relational notation into an ERD in Visio. When your done creating the ERD in Visio submit your completed Visio file (PetInvoice.vsdx or whatever you decide to name the file) to me for grading via the upload link.                                Attachments: week_08_normalization_exercise2.doc