my topic is about there are times when we should let emotio

my topic is about ‘there are times when we should let emotions take over and in some cases we feel that we are obligated to speak spontaneously before we think, however, sometimes what we say can be taken the wrong way by others who hear only what is being said regardless of our true intention this is why its always important to think before we speak even dong so sometimes causes us to conceal our feeling the essay question is  ‘do we have to worry about others reactions when speaking?’ and i’m so confused about what to write so can u please help me and grade my introduction?  what’s wrong with wanting to please others? i believe when talking you need to grab your audience attention a please them as much as you can, and adapting a speech to their interests, level of understanding, attitudes, and beliefs. whether your talking to your friend, mother, teacher or anyone. also there’s different types of speeches informative, motivational, persuasive and entertaining. one of the few people who captured my attention were martin luther king and hitler. that is what i came up with for the topic’s introduction, i feel like i’m out of topic, and i don’t know what to write in the body or the thesis statement, help me please find a good thesis statement in the introduction, find ideas to write about in the body and check my introduction’s grammar , thank you