Music Concert paper


Rubric for concert papers Format:

Typed, standard one-inch margins, double spaced, size 12 font, no title page, name only in the top left no class information needed.

An analytical paper does not require footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography. However, if footnotes or endnotes are used, they must be in Chicago style format.


Pick one piece from a concert attended (university grade or higher) and describe the piece using melody, rhythm, harmony, texture, and form as guidelines. Not all need to be discussed, just what you felt was important. Be descriptive using proper music vocabulary as much as possible. Save any emotional context to the experience until the end, most of the paper should be descriptive, not prescriptive.


Suitable writing in formal papers is termed academic style. Academic style is objective, unbiased, specific, and supported by evidence. Speculation, when supported by fact and logic, can be an interesting component within an analytical paper and may be included. The analytical paper, nevertheless, must use proper grammar, correct spelling, and punctuation. The use of coined words, colloquialisms, and artificial terminology are to be avoided.

Grade: Your grade will be determined by your adherence to this document with the following weight system:

Format 20% Content 50% The program included from concert 30%


I have also included the concert videos for the following performances, which you have to watch too.

I have also provided the names of the performers and the name of the play too.

You can choose one of the following two plays.

The names of the plays are:

1. Catching Shadows – marimba duo by Ivan Trevino

Performed by RPG Concert Percussion Ensemble

Triston Greene, Student Conductor

2. Minor Infractions- by Rick Dior 

Performed by Trevon Reed and Thalia Moreno


The video for first performance (Minor infraction) is attached in the attachment section.