Module 05 Written Assignment – Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities

Overview: For this assignment, you will view a video which describes the development of collaborative partnerships and ongoing relationships with families and the community. This video emphasizes that collaborative partnerships are essential to children’s ability to celebrate learning outcomes by defining and listing characteristics of collaborative partnerships through real-life examples.Watch the following video: Collaborative Partnerships with Families and CommunitiesInstructions: After viewing the video write a 3-4 page paper which includes:What are 3 characteristics of collaborative partnerships? Describe these characteristics in detail, including the roles of early learning practitioners and family members towards creating and maintaining these alliances.What are 2 ways in which families can provide vital assessment information? Be specific, defining assessment measures family can use to collect their own data on child development.Define and describe best practices which educators can employ towards include family interests and concerns into early learning partnership endeavors.How can the educator/facility provide assessment information in useful ways to families? Include at least 2 distinct practices for providing this information in meaningful ways.Be sure to use proper spelling, grammar, and APA format in your submission.