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Discuss advantages and disadvantages to the five conflict resolution styles. Which style would you favor? Provide an example of a specific healthcare scenario and a specific conflict resolution style you would utilize.


Five conflict resolution styles:

1- Competing: This is win-lose, where one party pushes their agenda and the other party does not have their needs met.

2- Avoiding: Lose-lose, where both sides leave the situation unresolved.

3- Collaborating: Win-win, where each party shows mutual respect for their goals and ideas and a resolution that satisfies both parties is reached.

4- Accommodating: Lose-win, where the individual does not assert their goals to satisfy the other party and their personal win, where the individual does not assert concerns so the other might receive satisfaction.

5- Compromising: Lose-lose, as both sides give up a significant portion of their interests.

– Two to three pages not including the cover and references pages.

– Follow APA style.

– Provide in text citation and 4 updated articles since 2010

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