MGMT 4300 ( Can you write one letter summary of that attained)?

I went to one lecther in the CSUB, and there was one man he spoke about HR in that class. He said he worked in the restraint, and he was student in CSUB. In addition, he went to school in Bakersfield, and he asked him if he can work something in his school. He was full time student in his school, and he had job in that time and he has family in that time. That was very difficult, and he said to do good resume. He said we need to rebait our skills, and he talked we have to know all together. He said to try to talk with new person every week. He gave example of engineering manger. He said to student learn in school how you can take job. If you take HR class we will have to know how we can make communicate. If I have to know my manger and my supervisor they know about HR or no. My instructor said to student we have to make shock hand with that speaker, and interested my self to that person. I told him I graduatedÿfrom Dammam College in Saudi Arabia and Butte College in Chico and Oroville city in CA. Moreover, I worked in Saudi Britch Bank in Saudi Arabia, and he told me I have experience, and good certificate. He told me I can collect all these and I can work in here in America or in Saudi Arabia. ÿThese are some question he asked inside the class.What is not working or network?Do I need to talk to the receptions?How you can take job?How we can work with difficult people?How we can mental change? ÿHow we can care about stuff?