Meteorology Discussion

From your readings about El Niño and La Niña you know that changes in large-scale atmospheric circulation patterns can affect the weather not only locally, but on a global scale.  To learn more about how changes in how the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans redistribute heat (after all, that’s what weather systems ultimately do) can affect not just weather but history, watch the documentary Why Ancient Egypt Fell about the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt below (you may have to log-in using your Bergen credentials).  Then, for background, read The Fall of the Egyptian Old Kingdom and Ethiopian Lake Reveals History of African Droughts.  

After watching and reading these, post a response to these questions: .Did you think that historians and archaeologists would work hand-in-hand with meteorologists, climatologists, and geologists? .Can you think of other instances of how weather or climate has affected history?  Was it on the same scale as this?