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The expression of stress induced  Memory Hack aggression has proven to be less likely if your brain is under the influence of fish oil according to an extensive Japanese study. In a test of 41 adult students those taking 1.5  1.8 grams of DHA in fish oil for three months were less likely to become more socially aggressive at a time of severe mental stress final exams. On the other side of the study students taking placebos displayed rather explosive moments of social aggression. This may also explain why fish oil is good for heart health. 

Stress hormones triggered by anger and hostility can constrict the arteries and accelerate the formation of blockages. Fish oil is said to suppress the release of such detrimental hormones.Fetuses and toddlers must get enough Omega3 oils for optimal brain development. In a study of premature infants those fed breast milk had eight points higher IQ at age eight than those fed standard infant formula. This suggests that the higher amounts of DHA in breast milk may contribute to superior intelligence.


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