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MC Questions.html (1).zip Lab 2 Instructions.html (1).zip Lab 2 Data (1).xlsx ObjectivesFundamental principles and theoriesApply course materialThis lab assignment covers the topics of writing items and revising tests (chapters 6 and 7). Note that this is all created data—both the questions and the statistics—for the purposes of this lab. Please note that this lab does require you to know the content of the test, so I have chosen questions from the first chapter of an introductory psychology textbook.You should have approximately 2 paragraphs for Questions 1 and 2. You should have about three paragraphs for question 4—one paragraph per revised item. Write your answer to someone who has not taken psychology or statistics–how can you explain these terms to a layperson?1. Refer to the Item statistics data. Describe  what each statistic tells you. (5 points) 2. Referring to the item statistics, which two test questions do you think are best? Why? (5 points)3. Now, refer to the attached items and the notes. What is your overall assessment of the test, using both the descriptive statistics and the items? (4 pts)4. Modifying items  a. Choose three items. Identify the problems with these items. Be specific. (3 pts)  b. Rewrite these items, including the answer choices. Be sure to refer to class and textbook guidelines on writing good items. (3 pts)​