M3 Written Assignment – Comparing ModelsThe Discussion threa

M3 Written Assignment – Comparing ModelsThe Discussion thread inModule 3 asked students to compare and contrast the varioustherapeutic models offered in the text, Family Therapy, or to research theirown family therapeutic model not talked about in the text and which they sharedwith the class.Students are required towrite a 3-4 page summary of their discussions for this Module.Students should write one page discussing the therapeutic model theyfeel most aligns with who they are and 2-3 more pages comparing and contrastingtheir chosen model to other models discussed in the discussion threads.For example, if you chose Structural Family Therapy you first write at leastone page sharing what you know about this therapeutic approach. Then write 2-3more pages where you may want to compare and contrast it to Systems FamilyTherapy, or Strategic Family Therapy, or Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy,etc.* NOTE:The Therapeutic model is Strategic Family Theory (Structural Model chapter 10 which is also attached below from Herbert & Irene Goldenberg 2013 – Family Therapy: An overview, eighth edition Family Secrets http://library.esc.edu/login?url=http://psychotherapy.net/stream/esc/video?vid=021 Object Relations Family Therapy http://library.esc.edu/login?url=http://psychotherapy.net/stream/esc/video?vid=168 Family Therapy : Structural Model Chapter 10 : family therapy ch 10.pdf Please write APA style and cite all work please use references I gave as well for this paper thank you.