>Assignment 2: Midweek Production Assignment: Analysis of EEOC’s Complaint Alleging Age DiscriminationRead theÿcomplaintÿfiled in the Northern District of Illinois by EEOC against the Sidley Austin Brown & Wood law firm alleging age discrimination.Use the Internet, Westlaw, and newspapers to research the background of the case. Draft a one- to two-page memo analyzing the EEOC’s claims.Using legal research to support your answer, including the appropriate Bluebook citation format, address the question of whether or not you believe EEOC’s case against the law firm has merit.If a decision is entered in favor of EEOC, what impact will it have on the ability of employers to set age-related rules?What about a decision in favor of Sidley Austin Brown and Wood? What will this mean for older employees?Create a memo for the file as a Microsoft Word document.Submit it to theÿW3: Assignment 2 DropboxÿbyÿWeek 3, Day 4.ÿName your documentÿSUO_LGS4030_W3_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.ÿReferencesUnited States District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division. UNITED STATES EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION, Plaintiff, v. SIDLEY AUSTIN BROWN & WOOD, Defendant. Civil Action No. 05C 0208 January 13, 2005. Retrieved from http://www.clearinghouse.net/chDocs/public/EE-IL-0205-0001.pdf