Lesson AssignmentAndrew Johnson and his relationship with Co

Lesson AssignmentAndrew Johnson and his relationship with Congress during Reconstruction was a difficult relationship. In this essay, detail the reasons why Johnson was impeached and finally answer the question, should Andrew Johnson have been impeached? Why or why not?Lesson AssignmentBased on the information you learned in this lesson, answer the following questions. Be sure to cite supporting evidence from the required reading and/or the lesson presentation.Why did the American Government form Indian reservations?What was the source of conflict between the Plains Indians and the US Government?What factors contributed to the deadly nature of the conflict?How did Chief Joseph and Geronimo respond to their treatment from the ‘whites’?How did the US Government try to assimilate American Indians?Lesson Assignment – Life in the WestWrite a narrative essay in which you assume the role of a farmer, rancher, gunslinger, or miner during the late 1800’s writing a diary chronicling the events that are occurring in you life. In this essay, be sure to address at least three the following questions:How did the US Government promote economic development of the West?Why did people migrate west?How did the environment impact farming and daily life in the west?What was life like for farm families, cattle ranchers, cowboys and residents of these western developments?What role did mining play in bringing more people west?Why did large companies take over most mining operations and the impact this had on their lives?Lesson Assignment – Rise of Labor UnionsBased on the information gained in this lesson, develop a PowerPoint presentation, brochure/flyer, movie maker, or imovie project to clearly detail the history of the rise of big business and resulting in the formation of labor unions. Be sure to highlight the key events that led to the rise of labor unions and the violence that resulted during the fight to unionize. Finally be sure to address each of the following:What were the conflicts between big business owners and Congress?How did business strategies change during this 2nd Industrial Revolution?How did entrepreneurs take advantage of the new changes in business practices?Why did many Americans want trusts banned and what was the government’s response?Explain the working conditions that were facing laborers in this new Industrial Revolution.What was the impact of the Knights of Labor?What were the reaction of business owners on worker strikes in the late 1800’s and how did these reactions impact labor unions?