Length :500-700 Words: You are working in a new youth-orient

Length :500-700 Words: You are working in a new youth-oriented (adolescents 13–17 years ofage) agency that has hired you to complete initial assessments. It is upto you to develop the tool you will use to evaluate new clients fortreatment in your facility. Your boss asks you to provide 4 styles ofassessment: one to use on the client’s initial visit; one for use ingathering psychosocial history information; one to diagnose and referclients for treatment; and lastly, he asks you to put together a formatfor evaluating risk assessment for juvenile inmates who are ready forplacement in your facility’s group home.Your boss asks you to see an adolescent, 13-year-old client who isconsidered to be a low risk and is starting to commit petty theft. Address the following:Explain 2 types of assessments you can use to open this client to your services.Explain how you would utilize each of the assessments.Identify 1 benefit and 1 potential drawback that each assessment provides.How might your client react to this assistance, and how might you convince him to give therapy a try?