LEGAL RESEARCH PAPERA written research project is to be comp

LEGAL RESEARCH PAPERA written research project is to be completed by each student focusing on an unjust law. Each student is to research the topic describing the law involved and how it is unjust.The rough draft is worth 8% of the final project grade. Requirements for the rough draft are as follows:There must be a cover page with your name and the title on it;The paper length must be a minimum of 700 words (approximately 2 pages); (Note this is shorter than the final paper requirements)It must be typed, double spaced, no larger than 12 point type, no more than a one inch side margin, one and a half inch top and bottom margin; (same as final paper)All sources used must be cited to using the MLA format;A bibliography (or sources cited page) must be included with a minimum of 2 sources (our textbook does not count as a primary source). (Note this is fewer than the final requirements.) Use the MLA format for the bibliography.Rough drafts must be submitted electronically through assignments on campus cruiser.The electronic submissions must be complete by midnight on the date the assignment is due.There is 2 points “extra credit” for submitting a topic outline of the rough draft paper. (The outline does not need to be electronically submitted.)