LearningPlan 6LP6 Assignment Working BibliographyDirections

LearningPlan 6LP6 Assignment: Working BibliographyDirections: Now that you have begun your primary research, this weekyou are going to collect secondary research and create a workingbibliography.  This working bibliography will contain sources you haveread and are possible sources you may use in your final paper.  Thesources you view must be peer-reviewed.  For more information onpeer-reviewed sources go to the following resource: Finding Quality Websitesand Juried ArticlesFor this assignment, you need tofind and read 5 peer-reviewed sources.  Then, compose a Reference page inproper APA 6th edition format (this includes sources being organized inalphabetical order and having a proper hanging indent).Each citation must:Be peer-reviewedBe written in proper APA format (6th edition)Safety at Worlplace with note from Instructor on page 4.docx